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We now offer conciergerie service to our clients.


Spend time digging in financial statements. Try to read financial news on dozens of stocks. Start worrying about when to re-balance your model portfolio. Tell your clients to call back later.

With Concierge

Leverage our equity research expertise. Implement our easy-to-follow model portfolios. Send our investment letters to your clients. Enjoy all the spared time with your clients and for what matters.

Back Test Services

We can back test your strategies up to 2000. And stop worry about how that would have fare during the last bear market.

Over 600 Factors Tested

We already have a head start, over the years, we have tested and back tested factors and combinations, we can help you in finding the right mix with you.

Custom Analysis

You need more specif analysis on our research, or you need additional information? No Problem, we have you covered.

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